Family Prayers from Proverbs

for Wisdom, Wealth, & Wellness

The people of God are at war

For decades, those who fear God and place their faith in Him
have been under concerted attack on multiple fronts.

Islam is infecting the world with its violence and hatred. Feminists and homosexuals deny reality and attack anyone who exhibits the slightest common sense or ability to perceive the terrible effects that their philosophies have on families, communities, and individuals. Moral relativists celebrate every perverse and destructive behavior, while decrying all moral standards as oppressive. Lawyers, marketers, and politicians corrupt the truth and build careers on finding new ways to manipulate people into making counterproductive decisions.

The list goes on, but by far the most effective attacker is the one we have been battling for millennia: our own evil inclination.

We are fallen creatures.

As such, it is no surprise that we find it difficult to keep our thoughts on the pure and beautiful, that we are unable to discern manipulation from exhortation, when we are bombarded day and night by cultural sewage.

Our flesh is more than willing to absorb it all and make it our own.

As I contemplated these problems, several needs became apparent in my own life and the lives of my family members:

  • The need to counteract the influence of the world on our thoughts, emotions, and spirits.

  • The need to make wisdom and godly standards instinctual.

  • The need to strengthen relationships within the family.

  • The need to spend more time with God, expressing our gratitude, asking His favor, and meditating on His ideals.

Family Prayers from Proverbs is an attempt to address these needs.

An excellent tool for any family seeking to strengthen their prayer practices.Prayer is important. Like exercise, prayer always benefits us, but exercise alone will not serve to maintain one's physical health. One must eat nourishing food, get sufficient rest, and do a variety of other things in order to stay healthy. Our spiritual health likewise depends upon a variety of inputs and exercises, including prayer.

At one time my regular practice was to read a chapter from the Book of Proverbs during our nightly family prayer time. If we could embed the scriptural principles of wisdom deeply enough in our minds, I believed, much of the rest of life's learning would take care of itself. Unfortunately, as my son entered college, my wife started her own business, and my own time grew more scarce, it soon became very difficult to coordinate our schedules. Our nightly time grew shorter--too short for the prayers and Proverbs together. As I felt that prayer was by far the most important aspect of our family time, praying together became the center of our nightly worship period.

Still, I did not want to abandon completely our reading of Proverbs. Over time, I developed a structured series of prayers and readings which fit satisfactorily into our new, shorter schedule. The result is Family Prayers from Proverbs.

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The prayers in this book are my attempt to combine
family prayer with meditations on wisdom
in a fashion that makes the best use of limited time.

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Most of the Proverbs do not lend themselves well to prayer in a direct manner, and simply reading a chapter of Proverbs in a prayerful manner did not seem to me to be a useful strategy. Nor could I incorporate every lesson that could be drawn from the Proverbs into these prayers. Such a prayer book would be lengthy and dense, with multiple prayers for every day of the year!Very well written, and the prayers correspond beautifully to the Proverbs. Instead, I attempted to isolate a handful of key lessons from each chapter of Proverbs and formulate three to four cohesive prayers from these. Most of the prayers in this book address these multiple points and are intended to create connections--some more subtle than others--in the mind of the reader.

I hope that these connections will inspire in you a deeper understanding of the intended meanings within Solomon's writings and their relevance to our everyday lives.

All of Scripture tells the story of God's relationship with mankind--how He creates, teaches, and disciplines us, and, ultimately, how He redeems us. Everything within it, from the Law to the Prophets to the Gospels, is about God's desire for a loving relationship with His people. These ancient writings are filled with assurances of His love for us.

How astonishing it is that this singular and unimaginably powerful Being wants to know me!

The mere thought makes me humbled and not a little fearful. Without the written assurances of God's love found in Scripture, I would not dare to approach Him Whose mere glance could return me to the void. By reading God's Word, and by internalizing the obvious love for us which God has inscribed on every page, I gain the confidence needed to address the Almighty in prayer. "Therefore your servant has found courage to pray before you." (1 Chronicles 17:25). It is my wish that these prayers and Scriptures give you that assurance as well.

I pray that you and your family will be blessed by this small book.

May your house be filled with peace.
Jay Carper

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Family Prayers from Proverbs for Wisdom, Wealth, and Wellness

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King Solomon spent his life searching for wisdom. If the book of Ecclesiastes is any measure, he often did it the hard way. He was an ancient miner tunneling for the rarest gems. He mounted those diamonds and rubies in a setting for us to read and appreciate, and in our fast-paced age of shifting morals, we need his wisdom more than ever.

This book is intended to help you bring your family closer together, closer to God, and closer to a healthy and fulfilling life as part of His Kingdom. Using these prayers, I want to help you...

Build stronger relationships in your family:

  • Praying together
  • Learning together
  • Meditating on the Word together

Help your children build a better future for themselves by

  • Learning the value of perseverance and hard work
  • Choosing healthier relationships
  • Earning the respect of their friends and associates
  • Structuring their lives on lasting, moral principles
  • Build stronger emotional ties to family and to God
  • Improve emotional intelligence

Meditating on the Proverbs as a family will change the rest of your lives for the better.

Now available at CreateSpace and Amazon!

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