Family Prayers from Proverbs

for Wisdom, Wealth, & Wellness

Proverbs 24

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Opening Prayer

Father: Blessed are You, Lord our God and God of our fathers, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the great, mighty and awesome God, who bestows justice and kindness, who creates all things, who remembers the good works of the Patriarchs, and who brings a redeemer to Israel for the sake of His Name. We praise You, O Lord our God, who with Your Word makes the sun to set and to rise, and with Your Wisdom opens the gates of Heaven. The fear of You, O Lord, is the beginning of wisdom, and Your commandments bring understanding.

Family: Blessed are You, O Lord, Shield of Abraham. We look unto You, and we are saved.

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Proverbs 24

Father: Almighty God, because we fear You, we will not fear the wicked. We will neither envy them nor seek their friendship. Though we fall seven times, we will rise again to You.

Family: Keep us from the trouble and ruin that overtakes the scoffer and the one who schemes against his neighbor, O Lord.

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Father: Build our house in wisdom, O Lord, and establish it in understanding. Fill our rooms with treasures of knowledge and fill our souls with strength. May we never praise the wicked or denigrate the righteous.

Family: Your wisdom is sweet to our soul, Righteous God, giving hope and ensuring our future.

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Father: O God, give us endurance that we will not faint in the day of adversity. Rescue the captives, Lord of Hosts, and those stumbling to slaughter. Guard us from slumber that turns fields to waste and walls to dust.

Family: Our Great Shepherd, we will be diligent to receive instruction, to plant and to build Your Kingdom.

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Father: Give us victory over our enemies, Great and Awesome God, and give us courage to face them. We will not falsely accuse nor seek revenge, and may we not rejoice when evil befalls them.

Family: You will repay each according to his work, O Lord. May we be worthy of You.

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Concluding Prayer

Father: Hear our voice, O Lord our God. May our meditations and the prayers of Your people be acceptable before You, for You are the Rock and Shield of our salvation. Our lives are in Your hands and our souls are trusting in You. You give purpose to our work, meaning to our struggle, and direction to our striving. Grant us our portion in Your Word and Your Messiah, and in Your infinite mercy, O Lord, forgive us for our transgressions and enable us to forgive those who have sinned against us. Heal us, and we will be healed. Help us, and we will be saved.

Family: We pray to You, Father, in the name of Yeshua HaMashiach. He who makes peace in his heavens, may he make peace for us and for all Israel. Amen.

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