Family Prayers from Proverbs

for Wisdom, Wealth, & Wellness

Proverbs 30

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Opening Prayer

Father: Blessed are You, Lord our God and God of our fathers, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the great, mighty and awesome God, who bestows justice and kindness, who creates all things, who remembers the good works of the Patriarchs, and who brings a redeemer to Israel for the sake of His Name. We praise You, O Lord our God, who with Your Word makes the sun to set and to rise, and with Your Wisdom opens the gates of Heaven. The fear of You, O Lord, is the beginning of wisdom, and Your commandments bring understanding.

Family: Blessed are You, O Lord, Shield of Abraham. We look unto You, and we are saved.

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Proverbs 30

Father: Creator of Heaven and Earth, You gather the wind in Your hands and wrap the seas in Your garments. No one can compare with You. We will neither add to Your words nor take away from them.

Family: Your Word is true, O Lord, and we are without understanding. We trust in You.

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Father: Remove vanity and deceit far from us, O Lord. Guard our tongues that we may not accuse falsely nor curse undeservedly. May Your name be blessed in our generation.

Family: May our speech be pure, courteous, and respectful, O God. We will honor our fathers and bless our mothers.

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Father: Holy God, keep us from greed that devours, from the eye that mocks, and from a sly and treacherous spirit. May we be satisfied in Your service and not elevate ourselves beyond our place in Your will.

Family: Make our path humble and straight, O Lord, that we not be ensnared by pride.

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Father: Our God who brings the rain, grant us foresight to prepare while the sun shines, firmness to establish our home on the Rock of Your Salvation, and unity that we will be strong. May we be humble in Your strength.

Family: Lord of Hosts, may we be resolute and bold in the face of our enemies.

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Concluding Prayer

Father: Hear our voice, O Lord our God. May our meditations and the prayers of Your people be acceptable before You, for You are the Rock and Shield of our salvation. Our lives are in Your hands and our souls are trusting in You. You give purpose to our work, meaning to our struggle, and direction to our striving. Grant us our portion in Your Word and Your Messiah, and in Your infinite mercy, O Lord, forgive us for our transgressions and enable us to forgive those who have sinned against us. Heal us, and we will be healed. Help us, and we will be saved.

Family: We pray to You, Father, in the name of Yeshua HaMashiach. He who makes peace in his heavens, may he make peace for us and for all Israel. Amen.

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